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1.5 How will my company benefit from the EcoVadis SP monitoring?


The EcoVadis monitoring system covers all the needs for understanding & managing your CSR performance in a clear, extensive and effective way.
In particular:

- Get a feedback on your CSR practices with ratings on 4 themes (Environment, Social, Ethics and Supply Chain), and the detail of your strengths and opportunities for improvement
- Compare your performance with sector practices. How are you positioned in comparison to your competitors?

- Reuse your EcoVadis results for all of your clients' requests and report on a continuous basis for multiple customers
- Use advanced communication tools to highlight your good practices, i.e. your company detailed report or the CSR recognition level logo [Premium feature only]

- Prioritize your actions with a Scorecard that highlights your main opportunities for improvement
- Manage improvement plans directly online. Share them with your clients and get their feedback

- Embrace on a continuous improvement process with a yearly re-evaluation of your CSR performance
- Access up-to-date information on your CSR performance



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