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7.4 How is EcoVadis ensuring the safety of my data?


EcoVadis ensures the safety of its users' data via three axes:
- Committment to confidentiality

  • EcoVadis is Compliant with the European directive 94/46/EC for data protection: your data are kept strictly confidential, and will be used only for the purpose of the EcoVadis service.
  • EcoVadis is committed to the most demanding IT security standards to support its business processes and is ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security management systems.
  • All our staff is trained on information security and confidentiality at arrival and is subject to a mandatory annual refresher on these subjects. In addition all our personnel signs a confidentiality statement that remains valid after the employment termination.
  • The access rights to the documents you provide are closely monitored and are always commensurate with the responsibilities of the job position. All the access rights are reviewed formally twice a year.
  • Confidentiality of your commercial relationships: your Scorecard will only be made available to the customers you formally approve.

- Safe storage
All data are stored in data center that are ISO/IEC 27001 compliant
- Secure connection
Our Platforms use a secure https:// connection, with personal login & password
All online payments are secured using PayPal

For more details about our certifications, please refer to our trust center which contains the most up to date detailed information on our management systems: http://www.ecovadis.com/trust-center/

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