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6.1 How can I see which criteria are taken into account in the evaluation of my company?


EcoVadis has defined 21 CSR criteria, based on internation Sustainable Development standards. Among these 21 criteria, EcoVadis selects the ones that are relevant for your company. This is based on your activity specific challenges, as well as on your geographical location (do you have activities in risk countries?). To see which criteria are activated for your evaluation, and what is their level of importance:
Connect to your EcoVadis platform. On the control panel or on My performance, you see the name of your sector (ISIC category) next to your country, on top of the page. Click on the sector and you will see the list of criteria activated. Each one of the 21 criteria is either: not activated, activated with a medium importance, activated with a high importance, or activated only in risk countries.

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