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6.3 My company’s CSR practices have evolved since the publication of my last assessment results, how can I update them?


If you have implemented new practices/policies, and want to share this with your clients, you can do so by using the Corrective Action plan module, available on your platform. This collaborative tool enables you to share your improvement plans & achievements with your clients, and get their comments or recommendations.
Click here to learn more about the Corrective Action Plan (CAP).

If you wish to update your results as they appear on your Scorecard, you can do so only by proceeding to a reassessment. If you decide to perform a reassessment, you will be able to update your answers and add additional documents. Our team will then perform an entirely new analysis of your company. We do not recommend getting assessed more than once a year.

How can I request a re-evaluation ?
To get reassessed, you need to use an assessment credit: Click here to learn more
To start the reassessment process, please follow these steps:

- Login to your EcoVadis platform- Go to your Subscription page, using the top-menu, or the link available on the left side of your platform

- On the credit section, click on “Use now” to request your reassessment.
No credit available?  You can buy an extra-assessment credit, or wait for your new subscription period to start:

Click here to learn moreCapture.PNG.png

- When you validate your request, your questionnaire will be re-opened, for you to update your data. You will be informed by email once you can access your questionnaire again (within 1 or 2 working days). You will be attributed a deadline of 12 working days for questionnaire completion.

- After you submit your questionnaire, EcoVadis analyst team will start analysing your answers and documents; you will be notified by email when your new Scorecard is published.

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