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6.4 How to use the Corrective Action Plan tool?


Need more information on Audit Corrective Action Plan tool? Please read "How to use the Audit Corrective Action Plan tool?"

The EcoVadis CSR assessment is an important step on your journey towards CSR excellence. Your scorecard gives you a photograph that reflects your CSR performance at the time it was published. Additionally, it indicates in detail the improvement areas for your company to work on in order to improve your company’s performance. To support your company in CSR performance improvement EcoVadis offers all suppliers access to the online Corrective Action Plan(CAP) tool.

The EcoVadis CAP (Corrective Action Plan) tool enables you to:

  • Build improvement plans online

  • Communicate planned and completed Corrective Actions with your customers

  • Receive feedback from your customers

N.B. What you publish in your CAP does not impact your current scorecard results and will not be checked by EcoVadis. Your scorecard results will be updated only upon re-assessment of your company.

 1. Get Started

Several tools are available on your platform to help you define the most relevant Corrective Action Plan:

  • Understand your improvement areas: use the  “i”   button to get more information and guidance on specific improvement areascapture1.png

  •  Learn how to use the CAP module: Check the CAP introduction video for an overview or refer to the CAP manual for a detailed description of the toolcapture2.png

  • Complete the CSR E-learning course,  available on your platform in the Toolkit. The e-learning contains everything you need, from an introduction to CSR to the usage of the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) feature. E-learning is available in Capture3.PNG.

 2. Prioritize and plan your actions

Select the improvement areas you would like to work on:

Prioritize improvement areas using the Scorecard:

  • Review the weight associated to each  theme (ENV, LAB, FBP, SUP) to address areas that correspond the main CSR stakes for your sector. We recommend focusing first on improvement areas identified under the theme with the highest weight, which is as well where your efforts will most impact your future score

  • Focus on improvement areas with a priority “A”

  • Check for “Quick-Wins” on improvement areas with a priority  “C”


Collect internal and external feedback:

  • Research which areas your company might already be working towards addressing

  • Check if your customers have any specific improvement requests


 3. Communicate with your customers

The CAP feature is a live tool you can use to communicate with your customers. They can see all actions you publish and they have the possibility to insert comments and recommendations.

For effective communication:

  • Use the text box of the action to describe in details what you’re planning to implement

  • Whenever your company has completed an action, remember to change the status of the action to “completed”

  • You have also the possibility to upload documentation to support the realization of actions you stated. Please note: Supporting documents uploaded into the CAP will be visible to your customers


4. Request a re-assessment

Once you’re ready, ask to get reassessed (see also article 6.3). All documents previously uploaded in the CAP tool will automatically be taken into account.

Start now: follow our CAP User Guide


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