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5.5 How can I upload documents in the system? How to use the doc library to upload and remove documents?


All the documents you upload on the questionnaire interface will be taken into account by EcoVadis analysts when assessing your company. There are 2 ways to upload documents:
- When you select an answer that requires a link to a supporting document, you will see the paperclip next to it turning darker. Click on it and select a document previously uploaded, or upload a new document by clicking on "Add a new document"
- Or you can go to your document library (on top of the page) and add new documents.
Please note that:
- All the documents you upload will be visible on your Doc Library
- Once uploaded, the same supporting document can be linked to as many answers as you need

If you wish to remove a document while working on the questionnaire, go to the Doc Library and click on the red mark next to the document. A  help box will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Please remember that once the document is deleted it will not be sent to EcoVadis, and all the links associated to it will be lost.

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