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6.15 How to read a Scorecard?


The EcoVadis Scorecard provides rich feedback on your company’s CSR practices. Here are some tips to make it easy to understand.
First, to view your scorecard, just login here and click on the top menu "My performance". Your Scorecard is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and Japanese. Click on the corresponding flag over the menu to switch language.

Tip: If your Scorecard is not available, check out your EcoVadis account homepage for warning message linked with your subscription. Check out our payment guide if you see an issue with invoicing or payment.


How to interpret your score?

Start with the first box on top-left of the page. You will see the four CSR themes scores :

  • Each theme will be scored on a 0 - 100 scale.
  • The total score is calculated as the weighted average of these scores.
  • Each theme weight can be seen by hovering over the score; weights are defined depending on your industry profile.

Here is how to get a sense of how good is your score:

  • The average score is around 41. Note that over 70% of suppliers improve their score when re-assessed.
  • EcoVadis provides a scoring scale that defines five score ranges with qualitative measures of what each range means. Login to your platform and check out the legend on the left menu: clicking on the question mark next to “CSR performance”, you get a detailed description of the scoring scale: how mature and structured our experts consider your current practices.


How to understand the Scorecard panels?

CSR Performance
This panel summarizes the overall and theme scores of your CSR performance on a scale from 1 to 100.

This panel allows you to compare, on each of the four themes, where you stand compared to all companies assessed in your industry sector.
The Benchmark tool is only available to Premium subscribers. Premium subscription also provides access to score distribution graph for each theme. Click here to learn more about Premium.

Strengths and Improvement Areas
For each theme is listed detailed information on the quality and maturity of your management system on CSR topics. This includes both Strengths (green check-marks) and Improvement Areas (orange triangles). Improvement Areas also include a letter ranking to indicate the impact of the issue on your score (with A being highest) to help guide your improvement efforts. It can be used to set up Corrective Action Plans.

Most items have a small “i" icon: click on it to get more detailed explanation on this specific item. It also contains a “guidance” section, providing detailed advice and examples.

Specific Comments
This panel provides you with any additional comments from our analysts.
Specific comments are only available to Premium subscribers.

360° Watch
The 360° collects stakeholders insight on your company‘s CSR approach and impacts. It is based on more than 800 reliable sources (NGOs, press, trade unions, etc.).
The 360° is only available to Premium subscribers


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